Sticker Game!

How Does It Work?

1.) Order a free sticker.

2.) Show your support! Put the sticker on your car, van, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, etc.

3.) Once a month, a staff member will give away $100 cold, hard cash to someone in the community who we've seen with our sticker.

4.) If we don't come across someone with the sticker, the prize pool carries on to the next month and increases by another $100 that month and every following month, until a winner is found!

Current Prize Amount: $100.00

Good Luck!! :)

Get a Sticker! »

OPTIONAL: Register your car so it's easier for us to find you! »

Past Winners:

Current game in progress: $100.
Winner!: Speecheroo. Win Date: Oct 28th, 2021 @ Jasons Deli = $100.
Winner!: luannski. Win Date: Sep 9th, 2021 @ Kingwood Town Center = $100.
Winner!: EasyPeasy. Win Date: Aug 20th, 2021 @ Driving Down Kingwood Drive = $100.
Winner!: Schoolgirl. Win Date: Aug 7th, 2021 @ Kings Manor area = $100.
Winner!: kourt688. Win Date: Jul 13th, 2021 @ Near J Christophers = $100.
Winner!: ksteng02. Win Date: Jul 3rd, 2021 @ HEB WLHP = $200.
Grand Total Given Away So Far: $700.00!!

The Fine Print: