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Re: Home Health Care Services:
posted: 3 mins., 4 secs ago by valentine14
"I am an occupational therapist who works independently for many agencies in the Kingwood area. My favorite home health agency is Omnix health Care services. For hourly private care I recommend The Home care team. I'd be glad to discuss this further with you- pm me for my number...."
Re: Store or Bargain Brands You Use and Like
posted: 5 mins ago by ladybeachbum
"@LittleTexas : I've used the HEB toilet paper on sale and it was fine. I prefer HEB ice cream. I use the store brand if it is less than the name brand. I'm not too picky on having to have certain ones...."
Re: Store or Bargain Brands You Use and Like
posted: 9 mins ago by elguapo
Re: Our last Florida sunset. Well for now.
posted: 10 mins ago by ladybeachbum
"@beadweaver : Every sunset promises another sunrise! Enjoy your last morning!..."
Re: Know anyone
posted: 20 mins ago by elguapo
"@CarGuy717 : Something else to remember. Get a vtr-40 and VTR-271 power of attorney and have the seller fill it out at the time of sale. This will give you the power to correct documents if the need comes up. Else you will need to get the seller to follow you to the DMV. Form looks something like this: https://www .kingwood.com/message_boa rd/forumimgs/Kingwood6349 87214118.jpg Ins tead of insurance company information its your information you want as the "Grantee informat..."
Re: Know anyone
posted: 27 mins ago by ladybeachbum
"@CarGuy717 : What phone did you buy or lease? I found Costco was the best deal when we needed phones. We are paying by the month but it is not a lease but a purchase plus Sprint gave us most of the monthly cost as a credit. Check with your carrier and see what deal they will do then head to Costco or Sams. Sams had some deals for AT&T. This will give you more Mustang money, honey!..."
Re: Our last Florida sunset. Well for now.
posted: 30 mins ago by beadweaver
"We blew through Alabama and are resting in Mississippi Edit to say I tried to upload a video of the tunnel but not luck...."
Re: The night our church was attacked.
posted: 31 mins ago by beadweaver
"@elguapo : Nope. Not human's primal nature. They have been killing each other since the beginning of time...."
Re: What is something you'll splurge on, no matter what
posted: 31 mins ago by f/64
"A good steak dinner out with my husband and kids. Love Pappa's Bros. or Vic & Anthony's. The Republic in College Station is good as well. The cost is more than the rent on my first apartment but it is all good...."
Today in Costco land.....
posted: 32 mins ago by ladybeachbum
"Today in Costco land..... They had a neat box that has a digital code lock to put your deliveries in. It was $39.97 which I think means it is discounted and leaving the store. You put it together but I saw the display and it looked pretty sturdy. I'm thinking if the delivers will use it, it's a good safe thing. I'll get the kid to get it out of his car soon and see how it works. Oh, goodie...I have to buy something to make this happen! LOL..."
Re: Update on terrarium
posted: 34 mins ago by beadweaver
"@FLUFFYCAKES : Nice job...."
Re: Know anyone
posted: 34 mins ago by elguapo
"Make the money first! Whatever is for sale right now won't be for sale by the time you have the cash in hand for car and insurance. @si llystring : TOTALLY agree with you. Have the cash at hand and get a better deal and not have any payments to drag you down. And it feels good to hold that title in your hand!..."
Re: What is something you'll splurge on, no matter what
posted: 36 mins ago by ladybeachbum
"@Fallon : I made it to Costco. They only have about 8 pair of the Maui sunglasses. I tried on the blue but they really stood out B L U E! I think everyone got over there fast. They were from $98 on up but most the low $100's. I did manage to buy $100 worth of something though. Not having a car keeps me from Costco!..."
Re: Our last Florida sunset. Well for now.
posted: 37 mins ago by beadweaver
"@Txbutterfly : I got thermals and a lamb lined coat. Lol. My skinny ass was not built for cold..."


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