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Re: Back yard ideas
posted: 1 min., 36 secs ago by HappyHerself
"So many people with pools I need to make friends and work on my tan. @HumbleMo mmy : You can get a really good tan when gardening in your bikini...."
Re: What's for dinner tonight...
posted: 3 mins., 22 secs ago by HappyHerself
"Cocktails. Self medicating. @c hocolatemonkey : I recommend chocolate . . . Also self medicating!..."
Re: Whole Home Generators?
posted: 4 mins ago by TXtransplant
"@CaptVernDemerest : @ 1,500,000 watts it would power the whole neighborhood! And I did (move). lol..."
Re: First named storm and flood insurance
posted: 5 mins ago by HappyHerself
"First named storm @Stealth 83 : "Flee early and flee often" has been my motto for many years. We took refuge in the Texas Hill Country for three weeks after Katrina. But that Hill Country house is long gone. If New Orleans is threatened again, it will be "Kingwood, here we come!" So I'm counting on Kingwood to be a safe haven. So far, so good!..."
Re: Pet Sitter goes too far?
posted: 6 mins ago by ProblemAgain
"Beefy and savory.... Like Kraft Thick and Hearty?..."
Re: Whole Home Generators?
posted: 6 mins ago by CaptVernDemerest
"I wanted one of these but the HOA wouldn't approve it. @TXtranspl ant : You should move...."
Re: First named storm and flood insurance
posted: 7 mins ago by DLL
"I'm so frustrated but I guess it is my fault for not checking our policy. We called USAA to add flood insurance within a few months after we flooded from Harvey. Anyway, I was looking over our policies and didn't see it. DH called and they said we just called for a quote and don't have it. Ughhh, we definitely called to get coverage! No bones about it! We weren't going to chance a second flood. So now we are having to wait another month. Thank goodness we didn't flood a couple of weeks ago. That's n..."
Re: Tourette's
posted: 10 mins ago by shodan66
"His head shaking (and now arm shaking - almost seizure-like) is worse than ever before and causes headaches and he feels others are judging him. He's in a smaller private school, and the teachers are aware so I trust they will shut any negativity down. @ctl74 : You've not said how old he is, so I'm going to go off when my son was diagnosed. He was in 4th grade so maybe 9 or 10 and he didn't want anyone at school to know. On a field trip one of his pals made fun of a vocal tic...DW and..."
Re: Does anyone know when natural kitchen opens up again? I know
posted: 12 mins ago by HappyHerself
"I hope they re-open soon. It's hard to get customers back after they've had to figure out where else to get things they used to buy in the closed store...."
Re: When an image shows the power of childhood innocence... such
posted: 17 mins ago by PussInBoots
"She was probably instructed to do so. Pretty sure she has no idea who Harriet Tubman is. If it has been Micky Mouse's hand, she would have reached for it on her own. @Aggies12 3 : Party Pooper! ;P PS. @WilliamJ: Thanks for the tip!..."
Re: Whole Home Generators?
posted: 18 mins ago by TXtransplant
"I wanted one of these but the HOA wouldn't approve it. https://yout u.be/rJl7Th8uMDY Before you laugh.....they are cheap when bought used! ☺..."
Re: Tourette's
posted: 22 mins ago by TXtransplant
"@shodan66 : Thank you, sir: A great post on your side as well...."
Re: Tourette's
posted: 23 mins ago by shodan66
"DS was diagnosed in 4th grade. Over the years he had a few vocal tics and he generally has some sort of motor tic. @TXtransplant's diet and exercise advice is spot on. At his neurologist's recommendation, we also got him a set of drums that he could beat the hell out of as he went through puberty. A lot of kids will just outgrow it during that time, but some get worse. His needle never really moved one way or the other. He does have sensory issues in that his shirts have to be extra soft and cannot ha..."
Re: First named storm and flood insurance
posted: 23 mins ago by KWGREENBELT
"$3,687.00 with a $2K deductible more than expected...Zone rating was AE..."
Re: Whole Home Generators?
posted: 24 mins ago by TXtransplant
"I believe it is one of the few things you will recover your investment upon a sale. @Clydepu ckett : As it's not physically attached to the house one can also unbolt the unit and move it with you should you choose...."


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